Thursday 12 February 2009

Darwin Day Liveblog 5: deep in the ugly

At this phase, I feel like I can't stand the painting. If I wasn't clocking myself, I'd probably move on to a different piece. Charles is feeling it too: he's aged 20 years since the pencil sketch somehow.

Starting to work on the fossil skull. Maybe flipping on my iPod will help me pull it outta this nosedive by Liveblog 6.

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Christopher Zenga said...

He hasn't aged, he is just tired, The man has been up all night!

Later days,


Heather Ward said...

I don't paint, so I find it interesting to see the ugly phase. I'll be waiting to see your progress. Looks good so far!

Glendon Mellow said...

Thanks Heather!

I kind of forgot I haven't seen a painting of yours. There's such fine finished drawings it hadn't occurred to me.

The main difference I find is the detail. The pencil is so much more precise, the paint suggestive.

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