Sunday 31 July 2011

Trilobite Boy Mail!

Back in June a number of Flying Trilobite readers really helped me out with donations to keep my portfolio site at going. For a minimum $10 donation, I made each of them an original drawing. All of those drawings should be arriving in everyone's snail-mailboxes over the next several days.  

Here's science-artist Katy Ann Chalmers with her Trilobite Boy Chibi

My grateful thanks to each person who donated or tweeted to get the word out.  It's been a tough time freelancing for me, and it really helped keep my presence alive online. I had fun with each image, and did things a little differently than the norm. I made a nice scan of each one, and will put them all up in a future post together.

As an artist, it can be really tough to earn a living wage from your work without years of royalties and a large committed fanbase.  It takes time. I'm lucky to be doing well for a guy who paints trilobites with wings. But we're also living in a time when the divide between how images are prized and what people will pay for them faces a huge divide.

Artists forge ahead and use the talents to delight and inspire, and the growing movement of science-artists have a doubly important mission, turning people on to the natural world through their skills and dedication.

There's another science-artist who needs financial help right now, and is willing to put their skills to the task:  Katy Ann Chalmers, pictured above, is offering an amazing deal on original artwork if people can chip in and help her afford to go back to school this year: check it out!  Cephalopods and space art for a great cause!
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Anonymous said...

You're dedication is indescribably impressive and your insurmountable fortune in such a hard living for yourself is also incredible!

By the way, where are people usually donating? I'd love to help if and when I can.

Morgan Jackson said...

Been meaning to drop you a line that I received my piece in the mail a week ago! It's currently hiding from the animals so it's not destroyed, but it'll be going on my wall at work to be displayed and ogled over! Thanks again!

Glendon Mellow said...

Thanks Morgan! Glad you like it!

You have destructive animals? Cool. Velociraptors? Sword-wielding gibbons?

Morgan Jackson said...

As cool as either of those pets would be, we have a temperamental cat and a puppy who thinks everything not tied down is hers to play with! Come to think of it, the end result is much the same as a sword-wielding gibbon...

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