Wednesday 9 February 2011

Scumble #12

"A painting technique in which semi-opaque or thin opaque colors are loosely brushed over an underpainted area so that patches of the color beneath show through." 
From The Artist's Handbook, by Ray Smith.  

A semi-weekly highlight of some of posts I found interesting, most provocative, or otherwise caught my eye from the Science Artists Feed, and other sources. Higher than normal number of posts emanating from here in Toronto this edition. Sit back, have a finely ground coffee and enjoy.

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3-D Paintings on Panes of Glass, Visual News.  Hat-tip to Lucy Walsh.

Tripping the light fantastic, Cocktail Party Physics.

Visceral Curator: making art out of living tissue, Amanda Gefter interviews Oron Catts, CultureLab.

The house that math built, Katie Daubs, Toronto Star.

More ROM sketches, Sketchkrieg!

ROM! (Royal Ontario Museum), Jesse Graham Illustration.

Louis Kahn and Travertine, Stories in Stone.  Geometry and architecture.

Wikipedia Color Resources, lines and color.

Engravings of Darwin by Meredith Nugent, The Dispersal of Darwin.

Unnatural Selection: this anti-intellectual flashes back to the first time she fell in love with the rest of the 4-atom world, Hybrids of Art and Science. 
Van Gogh's Color Schemes Served as Pie Charts, Gurney Journey.

Kinetica Art Fair: Zoo of the Future, Sci Art Sci.

WIP - Wolf, Heather Ward Wildlife Art.  There's always something haunting about Ward's works in progress: the hyper-real detail and empty negative space.

Neuroscientists try to unlock origins of creativity, Anne McIlroy, The Globe and Mail.

Colourblind fix for iPhone, An Eye for Science.

Plasma Accelerator Plume, Fresh Photons.

Students Overcome Their Fear of Drawing in the Botany Lab, ArtPlantae Today. 

Boo - Kathrun Chorney's Eurasian Eagle Owl, SONSI.

Why I don't like Tumblr: mystery cephalopod islands, The Flying Trilobite.

Grow Up, drip. Funny cartoon for scientific illustrators.

Finally, if I had to pick a link that wins the Scumble this week, it would be this one:

How many bytes in a trilobite? archy.

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Original artwork on The Flying Trilobite Copyright to Glendon Mellow

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