Monday, 14 February 2011

Darwin Day contest winner!

Sorry, I'm a day late picking the winner. Too many good entries!  I changed my mind 3 times. 

©  Glendon Mellow 2008 oil on canvas paper

"Preconceptions dropped away / As he stood atop Bartolome. / For Darwin, a glimpse of nature's plan: / Ascent of stairs, Descent of Man."

Congratulations Elissa!  Contact me by email or FB or Twitter, and send me your mailing address! I'll get that print in the mail for tomorrow. 

For all of you who participated, thank you.  Some of my other favourites were by Adrian, coturnix, soniah, Joseph and Arvind. I loved the imagery by everyone about standing on giant's shoulders (appropriate with the little stairs - never thought of it that way before) and the humour in so many entries. Tommy's Lady Gaga comment was great on Grammy night. 

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Don't forget you can pick up Darwin Took Steps prints, framed prints, stickers, shirts, greeting cards and potcards in my online store.  A portion of the profits goes to support The Beagle Project.  

And don't miss this post by Karen James of The Beagle Project on Scientific American's Guest Blog

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Original artwork on The Flying Trilobite Copyright to Glendon Mellow

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This contest is purely for entertainment purposes and fun.  I won't be held liable for sciencey-artsy fun under any circumstances.
The winner's print will not originate from my online store: I will make it in my studio on museum-grade paper with standard inkjet ink. 


Arvind said...

Congrats, Elissa!

Glendon, I really enjoyed the contest and all the entries. Definitely more contests in the future! :-)

e_journeys said...

Thanks, Arvind -- and thanks, Glendon! I loved reading the entries and am thrilled that mine was chosen. (Glendon, I'll contact you on FB.) Kudos to everyone who entered!

I was very lucky to climb the actual Darwin Steps on Bartolome in 1984. Here's a photo I took of the steps:
Here's a panorama of the extraordinary view from the summit:

Thanks again. Wonderful work, all!

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