Sunday 9 January 2011

Skeptically Speaking podcast coming

Busy week!

Today I recorded an interview with Desiree Schell for the Skeptically Speaking podcast, talking about science-art and my recent Scientific American Guest Blog post.  The full show, with art historian Jenna Marie Griffith and comic illustrator/author Lauren Redniss will be up this Friday 14 January, here.

The Scientific American post generated some discussion, which is great, leading up to the session at ScienceOnline11, (next week!) where I'll be talking about science-art with David Orr, John Hawks, and the group.  If past ScienceOnline sessions have taught me anything, it's that art inspired by and created with science in mind continue to both inspire and frustrate viewers.  Can't wait!

The post also generated some discussion on these links:
Exposed! Sensual Science - IdeaFestival
Ways of Exploring - John Hawks Weblog well as another blog which is now password protected.

On another note, I've created a new Media tab across the top of this blog, gathering audio and video links featuring yours truly. Some day I'll have to film myself painting with an appropriate electronic soundtrack. 

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traumador said...

exciting. sadly i'll have to wait to hear the podcast later. had my evening robbed from me by furnace issues :(

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