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Links to podcasts, interviews and videos. 

-video- Breaking Bio: Episode 32 Glendon Mellow! 4 June 2013 interview with the Breaking Bio crew.

-online- Under the Microscope: Glendon Mellow 24 March 2011 interview on Mobius ASI with Ruthanna Gordon.

-online- Trilobite Boy remembers when the Cambrian was cool 21 March 2011 featured artist on by editor in chief Annalee Newitz.

-online- Interview with Glendon Mellow 8 Mar 2011 blog interview on Love in the Time of the Chasmosaurs by David Orr.

-audio- Peer Review Radio Episode #16 - Why Palaeontology?  15 Feb 2011 audio interview by Adrian J. Ebsary.

-video- ScienceOnline11: Science-Art  15 Jan 2011 video session co-moderated with myself, John Hawks and David Orr.

-print- Blending art and science with a little fantasy   30 Jan 2011 interview in Charlotte Observer Science &Tech Blog Spotlight, by Tyler Dukes.

-audio- Skeptically Speaking #94 Art and Science  
14 Jan 2011 audio interview by Desiree Schell.

-online- Scientific Accuracy in Art 21 December 2010 invited contributor at Scientific American's Guest Blog. 

-audio- Fossils, Genes and Art, Atheists Talk #95 with Lynn Fellman  
15 Dec 2010 audio discussion hosted by Mike Haubrich.

-video- ScienceOnline2010 random interview   
16 Jan 2010 video by lpringland.

ScienceOnline2010 interview by Melina  - 16 Jan 2010 video by Melina.

Trilobites: Glendon Mellow's Muse  24 March 2010 interview in New Scientist magazine's CultureLab: where books, art and science collide, by Dan Falk.

-online- Google Blog of Note 22 October 2009 featured as a Google Blog of Note.

Art and dinosaurs  8 September 2009 print + online feature & illustration about Art Evolved in Earth Magazine, by Carolyn Gramling.

Flying Trilobites   summer 2009, interview + illustrations in the book Geology in Art by Andrea Baucon.

Blogging Evolution   4 July 2009, recommended blog in Evolution: Education and Outreach by Adam M. Goldstein.

Secular Nation Podcast #33  31 Jan 2009 audio interview by David Driscoll.

Painting in awe of science  23 May 2007, interview on Page 3.14 by Virginia Hughes. 

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