Tuesday 11 January 2011

Science-Art Scumble #9

"A painting technique in which semi-opaque or thin opaque colors are loosely brushed over an underpainted area so that patches of the color beneath show through." 
From The Artist's Handbook, by Ray Smith.  

A weekly digest to highlight some of the posts I found most interesting, most provocative, or otherwise caught my eye from the Science Artists Feed, and other sources. Sit back, have an espresso and enjoy.

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The Elephant Gallery, Art Evolved.  Bimonthly paleo-art themed gallery.  Don't miss cute/sad Craig Dylke's 3D mammoth and Lucy Walsh's highly detailed African elephant.  Also check out David Maas's speedpainted entry.

Hello, I'm an Atheist: Awe, Science, Reason and Critical Thinking.

Of These Bones & Branches, this is the blog of Heather Thompkins.

Project Art for Nature: On The Edge, ArtPlantae Today.  Important and impactful art+conservation event.

Is it art or a dorsal vertebra? , drip|david's really interesting pages. Ooo, an excellent question. Is context everything?

Sirius alabaster, Nobu Tamura. Breathtaking.

New Year... New Traumador, Weapon of Mass Imagination.

Lovely Weather, the End of Astronomy and the Need for ArtSci socio-economic indicators, Roger Malina.  Are scientist and artist collaborations worth the money?  Can that be determined?

Hendrick Avercamp and the "Little Ice Age", lines and colors.

The Street Anatomy Gallery Store is OPEN! , Street Anatomy.

Pilot and co-pilot fish, A Curious Bestiary.

Chromatic Adaptation, Gurney Journey.

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Original artwork on The Flying Trilobite Copyright to Glendon Mellow

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