Saturday 6 November 2010

Science-Art Scumble

1. To soften the colors or outlines of (a painting or drawing) by covering with a film of opaque or semiopaque color or by rubbing.
2. To blur the outlines of: a writer who scumbled the line that divides history and fiction.

Several weeks ago after a Twitter discussion with Bora Zivkovic, I created the Science-Artists Feed which is also carried on    It's proven to be relatively popular, and to date, there's over 60 blogs represented in the feed. So I thought I would create a kind of weekly digest to highlight some of the posts I found most interesting, most provocative, or otherwise caught my eye.  And because I come from a narcissistic Fine Artist background, I'll probably throw some of my own in the mix too.

This first one may reach a little further back than a week.  The feed is full of fascinating science-art and illustration.  Please feel free to suggest some I may have missed or did not highlight. As well, you might suggest some in the comments below.

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Gustave Klimt's mysterious embryos by Amy Maxmen, CultureLab.

Epic Art Science Exhibit and Exploration, SaCrIt.

Pink Dinosaur #200! at Art Evolved.  This charity drive for breast cancer research has professionals and amateurs alike sending in art with Pink Dinosaurs.  The 200th one, and it's still going!

Using Engineering Principles to Reconstruct Leaf Shape by Marlene Hill Donnelly, GNSI.

(no title: about Mylodon and modern sloths), An Eye for Science.

Mushroom Festival: the final art, Katura's Sketch-blog.

Sidney Nolan's stunning Antarctic paintings at the Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge, by Richard Moss, Culture 24

American Waters by Alex Kirkbride, Joris Van Alphen

Fish Fleet, Gurney Journey.  (A whole different kind of flying trilobite!)

Ent-o-Lantern 2010 Part 2, Biodiversity in Focus.  This isn't the LOTR one that made the blog rounds; it's as in entomology.

vLog from the past! , The Tyrannosaur Chronicles.  Finally we hear Traumador's voice!  Kid-friendly.

Now online: In Defense of Space Art: The Role of the Artist in Space Exploration, Roger Malina

Color Vision & Art, lines and colors.

Vintage Dinosaur Art: The Gishosaurs, Love in the Time of the Chasmosaurs - they breathe fire!

"I aten't dead" Pink Dinosaur #164, by Trish Arnold, Art Evolved.  Addressing the media's "oh noes, triceratops never existed" nonsense.  Trish's delightful blog is here.

Stained beauty, naked neurons: visualizing the brain through history, Bioephemera.

Anatomic Fashion Friday: The Donor, Street Anatomy.

Finally, I touched a nerve with this:
Why don't more science bloggers cite their images? , The Flying Trilobite
A Diplodocus-sized Pet Peeve, Love in the time of the Chasmosaurs
Glimpse at image credits on science blogs, The Flying Trilobite
And I thank all the commenters on the blogs and Twitter for their support.

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Original artwork on The Flying Trilobite Copyright to Glendon Mellow
under Creative Commons Licence.


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