Tuesday 9 November 2010

Coffee with a travelling Beagler

Last weekend I had a great time having an Americano with wandering Beagle Project scientist/Twitterforceofnature Karen James here in my hometown.

That's us, by the giant thimble and buttons in Toronto's Fashion District. Note Karen is sporting the NASA hoodie, rockin the Galapagos tan and necklace and wearing open toes in November, here in Canada's south.  In November. I'm wearing the fashionable ex-goth-not-hipster ensemble.  With hair by Bike Helmet.

So good to see you Karen! Next time: the R.O.M.

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Unknown said...

Though I'd be happy for the world to think my toes are just bad-ass, the truth is that they are the only shoes I traveled with for a month - who needs closed toed shoes in Galapagos and Florida? Not me.

...or so I thought. Those sandals almost kept me out of the Vehicle Assembly Building at the NASA Tweetup. If it weren't for an email heads-up from NASA and a quick run to the mall for some cheap shoes at Payless, I'd have been stuck on the bus.

p.s. "I'm wearing the fashionable ex-goth-not-hipster ensemble. With hair by Bike Helmet." *laughs out loud* *hard*

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