Thursday 29 April 2010's gonna be okay.

It may be a little quieter around The Flying Trilobite for a couple of weeks. The second-half of my brain, my new HP Pavilion pc has lost it's mind. I bought it last August, and came home two days ago to discover hard drive failure. Although the 5 hours with 3 different HP phone support personnel gallantly tried to save things, it was not to be.

Most of our files are backed up (the rest of the zoo photos were not yet) so things should be back to normal after the Geek Squad at Best Buy finishes their work.

But will the new pc love me like the old one?
* * * *
Thankfully my wi-fi Bell Fibe modem and iPod Touch are there to keep me going in teeny touch-sensitive blogging.

There's an exciting post in the works for Monday next week of some very different art I completed recently. *wink wink*

Also, make sure to visit the site for the Southern Ontario Nature & Science Illustrators that we've been putting together. Lots of great science illustrators in the links!

And don't forget the Art Evolved icthyosaur gallery launches at the start of May!

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All this time away from the pc should allow me to get a lot of oil painting done.

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smartz said...

Love your blog. And the computer stuff makes me break into a cold sweat. Gotta get busy and back up that drive...

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