Monday 5 April 2010

Art Monday: Hyperferrule

Pencil in my Moleskine, 2007.
A steampunk-inspired painting device; obviously it needs the latest in Linux hand-eye shareware.

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Dan said...

That's an interesting concept: having all of those drawing implements coming out of a hand/glove. Have you thought about a couple other drawings with similar themes? E.g., a porcupine, or a bird with brush-feathers that has ink or paint dripping from them as it flies. There's a lot you could play with there.

Glendon Mellow said...

That's amazing Dan; that's kind of what I'm doing (sorta kinda) for my last project. Flying trilobite fossils dripping off the stone and forming another image on another stone below.

Very cool idea. Have you seen What Dreams May Come with Robin Williams? He ends up in a heaven that's his wife's paintings. He touches the flowers and they smoosh. You idea reminds me of that.

That said, I am trying to loosen up my style a bit. That bird idea is really evocative.

Marco Meredith said...

Thats a great drawing, its got a nice sense of humor to it aswell, I know painting the image is half the fun but would'nt a device like that make life easier hey?


Glendon Mellow said...

Thanks Marco!

Exactly. There's never enough time to finish everything, and this was born from that.

Dan said...

Sorry Glendon for the delay, I gotta remember to click on the option to be emailed follow-up comments!

Yes, What Dreams May Come was an interesting movie, and the artwork theme was truly unique. And yeah, something like that would be interesting. Perhaps you could draw some inspiration from the bird that Robin Williams' character encounters by the lake when he first begins "living" in the painting. All of the primary wing and tail feathers could be dripping ink...

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