Friday 2 January 2009

2008: cake smashing fossils

Looking over my shoulder at the trail of scientifically-induced paint spatters I have left strewn in my wake, I'm gonna share. Here's a glance at handful of The Flying Trilobite's 2008 images.

This year, I've put up 36 artworks, 26 of which were new (the remainder pulled from my pre-online portfolio) and 17 of which were in colour. I began this blog as self-promotion, and I've also dramatically increased my output. The icy sorbet next to the smashed cake is the amazing and fascinating bloggers and commenters I get to interact with.
January 2008: some incorrectly-assembled arthropods clung to the walls of the interwebs. The debut of a new banner.

February: The Charles Darwin portrait no one asked for. It debuted originally on Darwin Day over at the online literary 'zine, The Eloquent Atheist. It later showed up (by my count) on over half a dozen other blogs in English and Spanish, and remains popular in my DeviantArt gallery and Online Reproduction store. Darwin Took Steps will also soon be appearing in print, possibly in more than one venue! I can confirm that it is featured on the front cover of the current issue of Secular Nation.

March: The Flying Trilobite debuted on Facebook, in both the Pages and Blog Networks, keeping me in touch with
many readers who I would otherwise be unaware of. I have refrained from sending Facebook fans Zombie attacks and Garden Patch decorations, though I have made Flair.

March was also my first cake smashing anniversary.A new blog banner launched in time for the inaugural post of the Scibling-melded blog, Of Two Minds in March.

April: Began Art Mondays, reviewed Darwin: The Evolution Revolu
tion at the Royal Ontario Museum for the fine folks at The Beagle Project.

May: Wrote Flying & Asthma based on faulty searches that find their way here. The conversation continued with the insightful and thoughtful Zach of When Pigs Fly Returns and Jeff of Blue Collar Scientist.

June: New tattoo.

Hosted The Boneyard and focused on a small portion of the amazing paleo-inspired artwork that finds life online. I promised bunnies this year, and I delivered a creationist bunny on Haldane's Precambrian Puzzle when it was still wet.


August: Lost a blog-friend at the beginning of our friendship. I'm not the only one who misses Jeff Medkeff, The Blue Collar Scientist. He managed to inspire me with the story of his brave last days. Jeff's death shook me for some time, though our comments had been brief.

I wrote about Inspiration and Drugs.
Completed the blog banner for The Meming of Life, the free-wheeling wonderful parenting blog by Dale McGowan.

Launched The Flying Trilobite Reproduction Shop through the wonderful Redbubble after some advice from artist-illustrator Heather Ward. Proceeds from the sale of the Darwin Took Steps image reproductions will go to The Beagle Project.

September: My good offline friend, artist Christopher Zenga took his Walking T
edd paintings and drawings online at The Day After.

October: donated some studio time to The Centre for Inquiry - Toronto lecture featuring PZ Myers of Pharyngula. Got to meet and shake hands with PZ, Skatje, Larry Moran, Geoff Isaac, Amanda Peet, Monado, Gary Roberts, Katie Kish and Justin Trottier and many others. Great weekend.

November: Began to plan for attending and moderating at ScienceOnline'09. I'm pretty freakin' excited. Ahem.

December: Launched my most successful reproduction, the 2009 calendar, and added a Darwin t-shirt to my store. Jointly posted holiday trilobites with Marek of eTrilobite. Emails regarding publication began to float my way...

A special thanks to all those who made it such a great year. I know I'm missing many, but here goes anyway:
Mo, Eric J, Traumador, Craig, Bond, Leslie, Sean, Chris, Marek, Stephanie, Mike, Dale, Shelley & Steve, Carl, Michael, Heather, Brian, Jeff, Zach, Lim, Kristjan, Betül, Emile, Karen, Eric O, Jeff H, Raptor, Bora, HW & the Captain, my Facebook fans, Atheist Nexus peeps, DeviantArt freaks, Redbubble watchers, my family, my friends, and most of all my wife Michelle who gets to watch me freak out at each paintings' ugly phase.

Merry 2009!

- -

All original artwork on The Flying Trilobite Copyright to Glendon Mellow. The contents of this blog are under a Creative Commons Licence. See sidebar for details.
Please visit my blog, gallery and reproduction store.
2009 Calendar available now!


Karen James said...

Likewise Glendon! Can't wait to see what 2009 holds ...oh yes, on SO many levels.

My favourite is the Precambrian bunny. Love it to pieces (har har har).

Glendon Mellow said...


I like the bunny too. I know it's on the creationist side of Haldane's comment, but I think the skeleton turned out well.

2009 should be an interesting year.

traumador said...

i don't think it was on the creationist side of things... it shows them how stupid they are!

a bunny living with trilobites... hehehehehe... that's as dumb as them thinking you puny cavemen could trump us T-Rexs for dominance of the planet ;p

Glendon Mellow said...

I agree, Traumador. I also tried to paint it as a skeleton rather than a fossil.

Anonymous said...

Thank YOU for such a great blogging experience and a great year. I hope from 2009 on that you and I will remain friends. BTW, Happy New Year Man.

Glendon Mellow said...

Thank you for avidly following my blog and artistic progress, Raptor!

Happy New Year to you and yours.

Christopher Zenga said...

Thanks for the thanks G-Mel

Anonymous said...

I somehow missed this entirely till now! To 2009!! Cheers from me and the Captain, chortle. Oh and we will get that coffee, dammit!

Glendon Mellow said...

Yeah! Cheers to you and the Captain.

We need to get that coffee. I nabbed you an "Open Access" button at ScienceOnline.

Perhaps some sort of alien coffee with very fake marshmallows in it.

I really need to get a recent comment widget in my sidebar. I know your comment it there, but no one else does.

Karen James said...

I nabbed you an "Open Access" button at ScienceOnline.

Great minds, Glendon. I nabbed the Captain one too (assuming the Captain is who I think it is - 'chortle'), and just posted it to him this morning.

I know your comment it there, but no one else does.

Yes we do, as long as we are either feeding on your comments or have our Blogger profiles set to send follow-up comments to us by email.

Glendon Mellow said...

This is true, Karen. But I plugged-in a recent comment widget anyway.

I'm talking about Captain Crunch, leader in the sea of sugary breakfast cereals.

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