Sunday 4 January 2009

Art Monday: banner rough sketches

Around this time last year I posted a new version of my blog banner. It was the second trilobite on shale painting I had completed and used as a banner, and I'm at work on a new one for this year. Why not annually?

Here's my thumbnail sketches, done with a ballpoint pen in my beloved Moles
kine sketchbook.

There's something exciting about sketching in ballpoint pen. It always turns out looser. Perhaps it may go back to those days in high school and university when I would listen to lectures and lessons while perpetually doodling.

I also may update my footer and side bar art before the end of the month. Last year, I feel I accomplished many of the goals I had set out for myself. This year, I hope to work on a new series of portraits in addition to playing with my fossil images. I'd like to complete six portraits by the end of the year. Three are planned out already, and executing a portrait is always a test of an artists' abilities.

Previous banners are here and here, and a selection of portraits is here. Click each to enlarge.

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Prehistoric Insanity said...

Man drawing in pen, that brings up memories...

That takes me back to skool from later Jr. High through to the end of my education degree last year.

Especially my poli-sci degree "note" book. It was more a glorified doodle book. 300 pages of loose leaf of story outlines and Dinosaur drawings LOL.

There is a medium I know well. Maybe I can claim to be an artist :P

Anonymous said...

I sketch like that too when I'm bored or can't think of a thing to draw. Sometimes I draw random things that pop up in my mind and probably have no realation to each other. LOL. Sketching is fun to do sometimes. In fact, I still draw in my notebooks from time to time. If I don't satisfy my craving to draw quickly, I'll draw on paper to get my thoughts on paper. So, I think I'm an artist like you.

Anonymous said...

Ahem...sorry. I meant if I don't satisfy that craving, I'll draw on any kind of paper I can get my hands on and get my random thoughts on it.

Glendon Mellow said...

I thought it might remind some people of their school days!

And I'm messing around with stuff for ScienceOnline'09 so I preempted doing much physical art this week.

Thanks for your comments on this rough, rough work!

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