Wednesday 5 March 2008

Darwin meets Blue Guy

The oil painting I produced for The Eloquent Atheist, entitled Darwin Took Steps, has found another champion today, in the form of Mike H. of the prolific Tangled Up in Blue Guy blog.

You can see the Tangled Up in Blue Guy post about Darwin Took Steps here.

And hey- he's also pointed at the banner that I produced for Of Two Minds! Any chance you're moonlighting as a scientific illustration talent scout, Mike? Perhaps if I need an agent one day...

With both of these pieces being worked on throughout February, it's been a busy month. Thanks Mike, for the comments. Feedback on my artwork is always welcome. (Thrown vegetables or muttering "derivative" are less welcome, but interesting.) In addition to the link in my gallery, you can also see my popular pencil drawing, or read the 'making of' post.

- -

By the way, this Friday will mark one year since The Flying Trilobite began. Look for a misty-eyed reminisce-a-thon on Friday. And cake! Maybe pie!


(Edit: March 8 2008: Darwin Took Steps also featured on The Dispersal of Darwin ! )


Anonymous said...

Being an agent would be fun if it meant I could get hookers and blow. Thanks for the mention!

Anonymous said...

A bithday party!
You look great for your age :)
Cake and ice cream and party hats.
Congratulations Glendon.

Glendon Mellow said...

Mike, this is a family blog! You'd get a basket of fresh-baked muffins. Perhaps bumbleberry! (whatever that is, exactly)

Glendon Mellow said...

Thanks Leslie, I try to keep in shape for a 274 million year old extinct guy.

Oh wait, no, I'm the human.

Bumbleberry cake! Bumbleberry ice cream! Bumbleberry party hats! It's just fun to say.

traumador said...

Happy Blog Day!!!

Hope your blog had a great day... I think it's a good day based on it being Craig's B-day, but I'm not sure...

I heard a rumour Ms. Rhonwyn had a REALLY bad go of the 7th though, and ended up in hospital. It's just a rumour. Hopefully Prehistoric Insanity makes a statement about that.

Don't let that deter YOU and your blog from having a lovely 7th!

I look forward to another year (or decade) of flying trilobite to come!

Traum ;P

Peter Bond said...

Soon you will be famous!

Keep up the good work, Glendon, and happy birthday to The Flying Trilobite - May she fly on for many years to come!

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