Saturday 1 March 2008

Horribly, terribly vain review of myself by me!

Full disclosure: I signed my blog up over at, and then proceeded to review The Flying Trilobite myself. O, wo unto desolation...the vanity, the vanity!

It could be argued that blogs themselves are a form of vanity. Some may say that artists are also a vain lot, wanting to leave a (misunderstood, unfathomable, derivative) mark on the world as they pass through it. These things are probably true, and in no excuse me writing a review of myself.

Let's take this vanity farther. Here is the review in it's entirety. (For some strange reason, you cannot read the whole thing at just kind of cuts off at the end even though it let me keep typing. Perhaps this is punishment for vainglorious fools. Hmm.)
And so here we go:

Review of myself March 1st 2008 for
by Glendon Mellow, authour of The Flying

I have impeccable spelling, I look great in pinstripe
suits, and I make paintings that often feature trilobites with wings.

Well, if i humbly say so myself, I like to make sure I don't blog
for the sake of blogging, but wait until I have something interesting to

I am giving myself very high marks. I believe in
representational painting, the beauty of expanding our symbolic language in art
by incorporating the wealth of knowledge that science provides. I believe in
giving science the exaltation as a way of knowing that it deserves above the
outmoded supernatural that has dominated much of art history.

I am leaving myself room to improve, because as an artist I am never satisfied
with my skills as a whole, only elated at my moments of brilliance and triumphs
of rigour.

Thank you for viewing my artwork at The Flying
Trilobite. I look forward to more illustration contracts, visits, comments and
-Glendon Mellow

8.5/10 because my best work is ahead
of me.
Can I possibly throw my own ego around like a bigheaded pompous artiste any more than I have?
Oh - oh - I know -
I'll put up a picture of myself! Yeah, handsome devil, check it!

What the - Who....? That's not the pinstripe-suited pic of me with Manhattan in my grasp!

(edit: what was I thinking when I posted this? Too little coffee...)


traumador said...

Well if you need to rationalize it, giving yourself a good review like that is boosting your self esteem ;p

I'm reminded of a little song called self esteem is for everyone (though you'd have to have watched Angel to know it I guess).

Glendon Mellow said...

Hmm, nah, I was more of a Buffy fan.

Having the Of Two Minds banner up helps my self-esteem. I'm actually debating taking down this whole post; it might be too ridiculous.

traumador said...

Not as ridiculous as me fighting with Dark Vadar in the early days of my blog... TRUST ME!

Glendon Mellow said...

Oo! sounds like I'll have some reading to do tomorrow!

I will not take down the post in deference to your commenting on it. Umm, yeah. There.

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