Friday 11 March 2011

Nautilus Tattoo - hardcore ink

After posting Thomas Trae's Flying Trilobite tattoo here on the blog recently, I ended up in conversation on Twitter with Alchemystress of Tales of a Mad Scientist on the LabSpaces network.

Alchemystress was unfamiliar with my work to date, and after some enthusiastic emails, decided to get a tattoo based on this image, from one of my university studio projects!

Her tattoo artist did an incredible job of mimicking the pencil and giving it an old-drawing feel, as well as deftly expanding on the flowers I had included.

Check out the amazing ink below, after the jump:

I can only imagine the delightful feeling of a tattoo right on the elbow. But Alchemystress is hardcore: check out these tattoos she already has! And there may be another - we're discussing a new custom tattoo. Thanks for admiring the artwork, Alchemystress!  Make sure to check out here blog, Tales of a Mad Scientist.

Okay so. Scicurious, Thomas Trae and now Alchemystress: We need leather biker jackets and matching Vespas and we will be a gang and we will be feared for we will bring the science.  

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Original artwork on The Flying Trilobite Copyright to Glendon Mellow
under Creative Commons Licence.
Above photos © Alchemystress

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Am I in the wrong business?  Should I start practicing on pumpkins?


Alchemystress said...

Oh thank you!! What a lovely blogpost! My tattoo artist tried to stay as true as possible to your vision.We just felt that sketch was like a naturalist painting/drawing/sketch a moment of Darwin in the Galapagos if you will.

Elbow is still quite sore but pretty:) Your work is rather inspirational. Can't wait for the custom piece! :)

PS: totally down for having a leather clad vespa science gang. Now we need a name that will strike fear into the hearts of all that hear it!! The Trilobite Terrors? Hmmm this needs some work...

scicurious said...

What a GREAT tattoo!!! And yes, we totally need a gang.

Alexander Brown said...

Wow, what a huge tattoo...

Laura said...

Wow, the tattoo is amazing! I'd already been inspired by the ammonite-flax-flower art for my next, and largest, tattoo. The main thing is to have bird feathers covering the backs of my upper arms (I have a flock of birds in silhouette across my chest and the fronts of my shoulders) symbolizing wings, but I couldn't figure out how to get to the wings. Then I realized I could get an ammonite/nautilus (which I want also anyway) near my hip, have the flowers curve up my ribcage, and the flower petals or leaves morph into feathers near my shoulder and become 'wings'! Not that you wanted to hear the tattoo plans of a relative stranger to this website, but I just got really excited when I saw the photos!

Glendon Mellow said...

Sure I want to hear the tattoo plans of a relative stranger! That sounds amazing, Laura! Send along some photos when it's done!

Laura said...

:) Thanks, Glendon. Unfortunately it will be years before I'm able to get this plan realized, as I have two more years of grad school, so I'm both poor and too busy to really think about the details the way I need to. But, once it's done, I'll hopefully remember to come back to your site!

Casper said...

Really nice art! A little taste and beaty of evolution. Would you mind if I would steal your idea and use this image in my own tattoo?

Greetings from Holland!

Glendon Mellow said...

If you send me photos, sure! It's always helpful for my portfolio if I have actual tattoo shots.

Thanks for the compliment Caspar!

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