Friday 2 July 2010


Skitter over to Art Evolved: Life's Time Capsule, and for gawd's sake, hurry!  The Trilobite Time Capsule is on!  

Here's one of my entries to whet your appetite for exo-skeletal awesomeness:

Flying Trilobite VI - The Obelisk - ©  Glendon Mellow 2010.  Oil on slate, photography, Photoshop.

Click to gigantify.

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Original artwork on
The Flying Trilobite Copyright to Glendon Mellow
Creative Commons Licence.


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Wait, you're still here?!?  Get to Art Evolved!  There's a Canadian Trilobite Flag!  Hurry!


deep sea water said...

I don't understand exactly what is that "Flying Trilobite" Can you provide some extra information of that Flying Trilobite.....but i like it..thanks for shearing..

smartz said...

Love this piece. Thanks for your great art.

Glendon Mellow said...

deep sea water: what does it all mean? Does this help?

Thanks Smartz! Just goofing in Photoshop, really. The actual painting on slate is only about 8" long.

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