Thursday 22 July 2010

New poll - choose my own adventure

There's a new poll at right below.  My freelance career will be beginning in the next several weeks, so I've opened up a poll to get a sense of what some readers of The Flying Trilobite may be interested in.  It's anonymous, and you can choose multiple answers.

My kind of dream-project at the moment is to have a picture book with my paintings complemented by some SF stories by various writers (thanks for the support, Brian!).  I know there are many venues where I could self-publish a beautiful book like this - one Facebook fan has already admonished me and said I should be considering an agent and mainstream publishing (thanks L!).

 What do you think?

[Edit:  the Blogger sidebar poll wasn't working, so I've replaced it with this one by PollDaddy. Please respond again if you tried to a first time.]

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Karen Burke said...

As the mother of a 7 year old science loving boy, how about a child's illustrated book? And you are a father to be....just throwing it out there, haha!

Glendon Mellow said...

I would **love** to do a kid's book about evolution. Started one once with a made-up creature so that I could focus on one or two features each speciation.

Trish! said...

I second that. Children's books that are age-appropriate and beautiful! Very hard to come by in the science arena, particularly for the very small people!

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