Tuesday 2 March 2010

Original paintings for sale at Centre for Inquiry

Delighted! I have been invited by the Centre for Inquiry Ontario to participate in a panel discussion about art & science, and display and sell some of my work.

I'm still deciding which 3 paintings to display, choosing from Religion in Science Education, Darwin Took Steps, Haldane's Precambrian Puzzle and Science-Chess Accommodating Religion will be on display, though not for sale. The gallery show begins Thursday night, mainly from 6pm to 9pm. The panel discussion will be on Saturday from 11 am to 12pm.

Here are the oil paintings I will have for sale.


Selling original work is a rare thing for me to do, though it's part of my plan to branch out this year. Should be a fun and interesting day.

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Original artwork on The Flying Trilobite Copyright to Glendon Mellow
under Creative Commons Licence.

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Mona Albano said...

I'd really like to see Haldane's Precambrian Puzzle in real life. It fits wonderfully into a theme of science inspiring art and art informing science and roughly into an evolution & art theme. The prospect of seeing some of your major images makes me more determined to get up and go to the conference.

In the paintings for sale, I especially like your ammonite vs. trilobite painting just because it has more colour. That second one, though--it almost looks as though someone is carrying the trilobite in their hand--mysterious!

Glendon Mellow said...

Hi Mona!

Sadly, the art show was only on last night. It was fun, met another really cool artist and had some good conversations.

I'll let you know if I'm showing again in the future; it's not something I do often. But hey, we live in the same town. It'll happen.

Ezart said...

Lovely concept and beautifully done!

Glendon Mellow said...

Thank you very much!

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