Monday 1 December 2008

My favourite museum.

My submission for The Boneyard #26 over at Traumador the Tyrannosaur: The Royal Ontario Museum.

I love the ornate, classic entrance with its detailed relief.

I love the looming new Crystal, crashing into the old building.
The pachycephalosaur intimidates me and enthralls me, lit from below with a purple light.

I love to go there and draw prehistoric skulls, and interact with extinct creatures that never imagined me - and wonder what in the future I am not imagining.

Gordo is wickedcool. You can't take in his whole skeleton in a glance in the space. I love that children and adults can see him from the street.

I'm disappointed no one got my oreodont joke last year: "an early mammal, the oreodont, and it looks like some predator only licked out the soft middle and left the cookie parts intact".

The museum brings out the child in me.

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Betül said...

Haha, I liked your inner child exposure :) My dream is to work in a museum one day. In the US most of the museums require citizenship even to volunteer! It is crazy.. But I still dream on :)

Glendon Mellow said...

Wow, really? I think here in Canada you just have to have a membership to the museum.

Anonymous said...

Very Cool. Another museum to check out here in the US would be the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. adn the one in Houston, Texas with an Edmontosaurus, a T-rex, a Velociraptor skeleton and a couple of statues, a Triceratops skull, an Ankylosaur statue being attacked by Velociraptors. It's cool. They even have a dark hall way with cool lit up minerals. They even have a King Tut exhibit with a REAL mummy. Even a Physics and Geology section. Worth a glance if your in the neighborhood.

Glendon Mellow said...

You're right, Raptor Lewis, I'd love to visit more American museums.

The R.O.M. is pretty amazing, and has a lot more than palaeontology.

I've been to the Royal Tyrrell, and I could probably live there if I wasn't running in fear of the Tyrannosaurs.

I thought it might be nice to showcase the R.O.M. since it's where I tend to go.

Anonymous said...

Makes sense. You're an artist right? Like peter bond? YOu're really good.

Glendon Mellow said...

Thanks Raptor!

Yeah, I'm a freelance illustrator part-time.

The images all over this blog are of my own creation, unless otherwise indicated. I've done a couple of blog banners for commission. You can see some of that work in my "headlines" in the sidebar.

If you like, you can see most of them in one place in my gallery, and I even have a few items (prints, cards, shirts) for sale in my online store.

traumador said...

don't run from ALL us t-rexs glendon... remember it is just a sterotype (though i guess most of us are rather mean)

i'm due for a trip to the ROM. a lot of the early dinosaurs taken out of alberta ended up there (or in new york). it'd also be a cool place to visit as i know dr. david evans.

Glendon Mellow said...

You're right Traumador, I was too quick to judge. My apologies.

David Evans appears all over the place in the new Crystal, on videos about recent finds, and excavating Gordo the barosaurus from the basement. He's certainly the most public face at the ROM at the moment.

And if you're ever in town, we're hangin'.

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