Sunday 21 December 2008


Happy Holidays from The Flying Trilobite and eTrilobite!

Tra-la-la-lobe-ite, la, la, la, laaaa!

A brand-new oil painting/digital painting. From drawing to oil painting to digital painting in one day, and I still had time for a family gathering. (Hooray for coffee and egg nog!)

The talented Marek Eby of eTrilobite and I whipped up some three-lobed fun: now mosey on over to eTrilobite and see what Marek and his friend Walcott have been up to! And don't forget to browse eTrilobite's clothing shop!

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I've wanted to paint an Encrinurus trilobite for a while now: ever since reading in a Dorling Kindersley book that they are sometimes referred to as "the strawberry-headed trilobite". I've done a detailed drawing so in the spring I can produce a variant of this image with a strawberry theme. I think this one will make 2010's calendar.

(Don't miss The Disillusioned Taxonomist's excellent holiday paleo-art either!) Feel free to fill up some comments either here or at eTrilobite with other paleo-holiday art links!

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m said...


Anonymous said...

lol! Merry Christmas!! Stay tuned because I have my own art just in time for Christmas. Coming Soon!!

Unknown said...

Merry Christmas! That looks tasty.

Sean Craven said...

Ha! Eric beat me to it -- something about those colors looks delicious. Did you photograph it or scan it in wet?

(My word verification this time is Plogu. I'm thinking about keeping track of these and using them as a source of crappy fantasy novel names.)

Glendon Mellow said...

Thanks everyone!

Can't wait to see your work too, Raptor!

I tried for a candy cane look. I wanted the top to look Christmasey, like a tree with lights.

My nephew thinks it looks like gumdrops.

Sean, yes it was scanned while wet. I tweaked a lot of colours in Photoshop and overlayed them with colours at varying opacities.

And Sean, you simply have to write a fantasy novel with those names. That's be like, instant notoriety.

Sean Craven said...

Oh, man, you're right -- I smelt it, so I am therefore obliged to deal it. This could be the next Eye of Argon!

I'm going to have to do a map. And a brass bikini might have to make an appearance. (Once met a young woman who claimed to have one of those and it's only now, in my dotage, that I realize she was offering me an opportunity to see it in action. I am such an idiot...)

Which means that when I post comments on other people's sites I'm actually doing research! In this case, research on the word 'flediton.' (I actually got 'hater' over on Zach's site the other day.)

"Plogu approached the Flediton, sword gripped in his trembling hand..."

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