Saturday 27 September 2008

Flying Trilobite recommends: The Day After

A good friend of mine in the offline world has launched a blog to showcase his new artwork.

Please check out The Day After: art for those left at the end by Chris Zenga.

Chris is a killer painter, musician and muralist, and The Day After is starting off as his showcasing venue for his new series of drawings and paintings about zombie teddy bears.

The Day After will also be featuring scary movie reviews, and slices from Chris's other art projects. He describes himself as, "a Husband, Friend and Father, a Brother and a Son, a Nephew, Cousin and Grandchild all rolled into one, An Artist and an Atheist a servant to none
,". While over at Chris's place a couple of weeks ago, I got a sneak peek at a few of the upcoming bears, and they are progressively more and more entertaining.

And knowing this young man as I do, Chris will likely post some pieces sure to cause an uproar. Freedom of speech is often likely to offend.

So please visit The Day After, introduce yourself, and watch a new atheist/artist-based blog unfold.

Just don't make any "grisly" jokes about the zombie bears. I've tapped that well already.

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Christopher Zenga said...

Hey G-mel

Thank you so much for your kind words.In the last year the flying trilobite has been the source for much inspiration, and I owe you a great deal.

Thanks for helping bring the day after
to life.

your friend,

Christopher Zenga

Glendon Mellow said...

You owe me nothing.

Except maybe more broccoli and blue cheese covered pasta. Yeah, you owe me that.

Christopher Zenga said...

a small price to pay for the hours of conversation.

and you knowI love to cook!


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