Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Darwin kickin' it on the Edge...r

Darwin is my Charlie!

Yesterday, I spotted our energetic and vigorous friend over at The Edger.

Tyler Handley has written a terrific post taking a stab at defining types of atheist art, with his article The Art of New-Atheism. Tyler has included a link to The Flying Trilobite art gallery over at DeviantArt, under the heading, "Art that is made for the purpose of representing a passion for science and its promotion".

Hmm, is that a decent description of what I do?

Later, under the heading, "Art that is made for the purpose of iconically depicting giants of science, skepticism, and atheism", Mr. Darwin and his stairs made an appearance.

I'll quote my comment on the article here for discussion, (and a bit of promotion for The Beagle Project and the support I'm offering from my Reproduction Shop), or please follow the link, and see the rest of the images Tyler has compiled.

Here's my comment:

Thank you for including my Flying Trilobite gallery and Darwin Took Steps piece
in this important post, Tyler.

I hope you don’t mind if I add that proceeds from the sales of
Darwin Took Steps shirts, prints and cards goes to the Beagle Project in support of their noble and educational work.

This is an interesting topic I wrestle with daily. I am sorely tempted to create some overtly atheist art; for me, I find it hard to think of anything other than satire or horror of religion. So instead, I focus on the wonder of science. Do other artists have this problem? (
emphasis added)

It's pretty exciting for me that my Darwin Took Steps was included on the same discussion as Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot photo. It'll sink in eventually.

Even Jesus riding on a dinosaur can't take that feeling away.

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Karen James said...

Thanks Glendon - you definitely deserve to be in there with the Pale Blue Dot.

Glendon Mellow said...

Thanks Karen!

I dunno though. Sometimes I think the Pale Blue Dot should be considered the greatest image ever.

In my head, I think about travelling back in time and seeing what Galileo or Michaelangelo would think. How would Michaelangelo react to it with his pursuit of Platonic forms?

Christopher Zenga said...

you are cool!

Christopher Zenga said...

hi G mel

Glendon Mellow said...

Hey Chris!

Congratulations on your new blog!

Betül said...

Hey Glendon, I am very happy to meet with your blog, very very nice work here.

Since my research topic relates to evolution, I might use this picture of darwin sometime, I will surely acknowledge you. I might even say "my friend" which will make me look cool! :)

Glendon Mellow said...

Sure Betul! (I have to learn how to make an umlaut...)

I'm trying to help raise money for The Beagle Project with sales of the image. Anytime you can mention it would really help out.

Let me know...!

Your friend,


Betül said...

Nice project! I will do announce it.

Also, has some info about the umlaut :) If you find that hard, wait until you hear the actual pronunciation of my name :)

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