Monday 7 July 2008

Artwork Mondays: Trilobite Souls Ascending

In keeping with last week's Symbolist-inspired Artwork Monday, (and due to an exciting and pressing illustration for someone I admire), here is another drawing from many moons ago, slightly post-university.

Trilobite Souls Ascending

Again like last week, a confused muddle.

The trilobites each have one glowing human eye and eyelid floating above their wee heads. The eye is rolled upward, half-under the eyelid in Symbolist-era shorthand for "gazing inward". Being in a half-awake, half-alive state was big for Symbolists, though I'm sure the opium and absinthe had nothing to do with it, it was simply dismay at industrialisation and a sense of macabre romance.
Sadly, these are not very scientifically accurate. Please Marek, don't throw any pointy odontopleurida at me. They prickle. I was young and naive when I drew this. Everyone please feel free to have a look at some other trilobites I've worked on by clicking on this handy link rrrrright---> here.

Next week: something a little more current. (Oh...oh...current! Like the water in this drawing? Like trilobites are old? KnowwhutImean? 'Ey? )

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traumador said...

They're kinda like Marella-bites. That have emoti-cons projected above their head...

Which answers my question of how trilobites comminicated with each other. Considering that they didn't have proper mouths and all ;p

Glendon Mellow said...

I agree Traumador, a lot like Marella.

I thought they just used telepathy to communicate, and that they taught the Atlanteans and dolphins the twin powers of love and telepathy before the disappeared into a higher plane?

Comanche said...

The Atlanteans, the dolphins, and the mice. Can't forget the mice.

Now we know it isn't a coincidence that they're shaped vaguely like little rocket ships.

Glendon Mellow said...

Those vile, vile, mice! Natural enemy of the trilobite, er, if you know, the whole 550 million gap wasn't there.

Anonymous said...


Glendon Mellow said...

Thanks for your enthusiasm, Joyce!

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