Tuesday, 22 July 2008

new Flying Trilobite Fossil tattoo pic

Here's a new picture my wife took of my flying trilobite fossil tattoo, all healed up.

Please ignore that I'm being hurled backwards and wearing sunglasses indoors.

...That was a good day.

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Peter Bond said...

Sweet tattoo!...Wait, are you on fire?!?

Traumador said...

You didn't tell me you were a wizard!?!

Cool skin pattern... I had no idea humans had such patterns... is it to attract mates or simple denote you from other primates?

Oh and whats a Tattoo? ;p

Glendon Mellow: The Flying Trilobite said...

...thus the reason for wearing the shades.


Actually I was trying to put my name in the Goblet of Fire, for the Triwizard tournament. It can detect & repel skeptics and atheists, it seems. Very powerful magical object I don't believe in, there.

Ask your agent about the meaning of the word 'tattoo'. I believe he has something you may find a bit gruesome on his own arm, Traumador.

Stephanie Zvan said...

Traumador, a little of both in my experience.

Glendon, that is a way cool photo.

Glendon Mellow: The Flying Trilobite said...

Thank you Stephanie. My wife's pretty good with the camera.

leslie said...

Nice ink...
I'm thinkin', like Bond, your hand is on fire, dude.

Glendon Mellow: The Flying Trilobite said...

Hi Leslie,

Yeah it looks like it was, a bit.

Jeff Hayes said...

Great ink. And I never knew Trilobites were phototropic, too ;)

Glendon Mellow: The Flying Trilobite said...

Being phototropic is just one of the many things I aspire to be.

Thanks Jeff!

Anonymous said...

I come on to your site for a really boring project and , really, putting your name into the goblet of fire? =) nicce lol

Glendon Mellow said...

Sorry your project is so boring, Anonymous! How could that possibly be true, if you are visiting here? Whadderyou saying?! Huh?! ;-)

Not every blog has Trilogoblets of Fire, after all.

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