Sunday 9 June 2013

A Few Flying Trilobite Facebook Stats

After The Flying Trilobite reached 600+ Likes on Facebook recently, I thought I'd take a look at some of the stats. 

Click to enlarge. As of 9 June 2013.

The stat I like best is that among my most popular age range, 25-34 year olds, the gender divide is pretty close to even. Nice to know my niche paintings are close to gender neutral in appeal. 

Another stat you don't see here, is that though I currently have 580+ friends on Facebook, only 191 of them also Like the art page. For a long time, I've mostly posted separate items on the wall, saving the double-posts for ones I found the most important. Now I'm not so sure if I should bother. Maybe I'll post things at different times of day so it's less repetition in people's streams (though they could silence one or the other). 

Facebook is also giving me $50 of advertising money since I hit 600 Likes: not sure yet what I'll do with it. See if I can post an animated gif of a flying trilobite being swatted with a flyswatter? 

What is it readers like about the page?  Let me know! 

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