Tuesday 26 March 2013

Strong Marriage

Gay marriage in Canada has been around about as long as my marriage to Michelle. It has in no way been a detriment to the country. Here's hoping things change in the U.S. and the rest of the world faster than they have so far. 

When we were married, we had a Unitarian minister. I'm an atheist, and my wife's belief system is not up to me to say. It felt strange inviting friends who are part of the LGBT community to our wedding if it wasn't something they could take part in. Unitarian ministers at the time were administering unions to gay couples, so: if it was good enough for them, it was good enough for us. A small gesture (did our family and friends even know? I'm not sure), but we felt it was important. 

Married at Victoria College at the University of Toronto under stained glass depicting Kant(I think?), Newton, Ben Franklin and Columbus. Three wise men and a guy who can't steer a boat. 

Anyway the point of this trip down memory lane is this: our marriage is stronger when it is something all couples can do. Here's hoping for my American friends.
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Saffy said...

The saddest thing me and Alaric have ever been asked was by a friend who wasn't sure if he was allowed to bring his boyfriend to our wedding - we were so startled that it was even an issue :(

When I threw the flowers I upset loads of people by insisting that single guys could try and catch it too especially as it was a bloke who caught. We've had civil partnership here in the UK for a while but are currently fighting for full marriage to be allowed.

It makes me angry and sad :( Marriage is about love from person to person and back again it knows know boundaries be they gender or race or religion.


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