Monday, 12 December 2011

Tree Pangolin sketch

A little sketch done at the Royal Ontario Museum while visiting with the SONSI crew. Tree Pangolin and an unidentified beetle for a warm-up.

The pattern of the overlapping plates and the unusual, almost neck-less body was challenging. Pangolins have really cool tails. I'm surprised they're not the basis for more science fiction creatures or robots.

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Trish said...

There's always Sandslash. And a weird pangolin-bird thing in _The New Dinosaurs_. And of course there is that one scene in "The Chronicles of Riddick" where the prison planet is guarded by what can only be described as antisocial pangolins.

Glendon Mellow said...

Oh, yeah, I remember that one in The New Dinosaurs.

I just watched Pitch Black, but haven't seen Chronicles of Riddick yet. "Antisocial Pangolins". That should be a comic.

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