Monday 13 June 2011

Etsy sale and one-day offer for $10 art!

Time for an Etsy sale! I've cut the prices on everything in my Etsy shop, including one of the slate paintings by more than 50%.

If you're interested in any of these pieces, feel free to contact me.

--->I'm also putting out a special call: I only have about a day left to renew my deviantArt Premium account which hosts and my professional portfolio.  I was hoping to have picked up a second part-time job by now, but it's a tough market.

So - for anyone who is willing to donate $10 or more using my PayPal button on the right sidebar, I'll mail them an original drawing or sketch.  Offer stands for the rest of today, until 7 am EST tomorrow. You can also contact me via to discuss it if you want, and I can send a bill via PayPal that way.

(I'll be in and out of the studio today with some family commitments, so my apologies if I don't get back to you immediately.)

Help support Art in Awe of Science - I'd really appreciate it!
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(Edit, 9:30pm: thanks so much for the generosity of so many of you - I'll be able to keep my portfolio site going for the whole next year! For the sheer fun of it, I'll do as I said in the post above and keep the $10 minimum donation in exchange for an original drawing open until 7 am EST tomorrow. I really appreciate the support for my studio and my groceries.
Flying Trilobiteers rock. )

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Original artwork on The Flying Trilobite Copyright to Glendon Mellow under Creative Commons Licence.

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