Friday 20 May 2011

Scumble #14 - Return of the Scumblies

"A painting technique in which semi-opaque or thin opaque colors are loosely brushed over an underpainted area so that patches of the color beneath show through." 
From The Artist's Handbook, by Ray Smith.  

Highlighting recent posts I found interesting, provocative, or otherwise caught my eye from the Science Artists Feed, and other sources.

This will be the first Scumble since February, a few months back. Now with a new logo! - what do you think?

As a new dad and freelancer in lean times I gave them a break. I won't expect to catch up on everything since then, and really the Scumble posts are just a loosely-passed brush highlighting a few areas. Hence the clever name.

So, brew yourself a cup of joe, put your feet up and enjoy the science-art!

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AI: What a Beautiful Work of Art! Here, Let Me Ruin It For You - Brian G., MadArtLab.  Discussing copyrights, mash-ups and making money.

What's up, Stretch? - McHugh Studios - more thoughts on fan art and copyrights. Also, The Messy World of Fan Art and Copyright - Plagiarism Today.

My palette - Jeffrey Hayes: Contemporary Still Life Paintings. For anyone who thinks art is all fluff, here's a great post on chemistry and colour theory in oil painting by a modern master.

Waking up Inside an Object - Adam, Biomedicine on Display.

Espresso Brain - prints by Michele Banks/@artologica. Also, Behold! My Coffee Brain! - review by Scicurious, Neurotic Physiology.

Hadrosaur Gallery - Art Evolved. The lovable duckbills featured by many of the Art Evolved contributors.

Adrian Bobb Portfolio - came across this Canadian concept artist and scientific ilustrator a couple of weeks back. Stunning portfolio, and you can leave comments on the art.

BFA Thesis Exhibition - Omegafauna.  Congratulations Sharon!  Love love those prehistoric prints.

New Print Giveaway: Galapagos Finches - The Tiny Aviary. Enter!

Giveaway! Botanical Art Note Cards & Matching Seals - Carol Creech Illustration. Enter!

Instead of Words: An Artistic Journey Into the Spirit - interview with Carolina Avalos by Ruthanna Gordon, Mobius ASI.  Interesting interview - a mix of philosophy, spirituality, and the muddiness many artists subscribe to between actual material oneness and causality. Artwork is excellent.

Art Talk with Arthur Huang - interview by Paulette Beete, Art Works. Interesting that there's only one image accompanying the interview and no links to his site.  You can find his work here.

Trevor Jackson Skulls - Jennifer von Glahn, Street Anatomy.

Trilobite Boy - I've started a new webcomic on my character.

Art and religion for science policy?  - bioephemera. More excellent comments from Jessica Palmer.  Jessica, if you read this, please stop peppering your posts with questions if you are going to keep comments disabled. It hurts my brain. And puppies.

Sasquatch illustration featured on Royal Canadian Mint coin - News from the Studio by Emily S. Damstra.

Photos from the exhibit - SONSI - Southern Ontario Nature & Science Illustrators. Show is on now at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington Ontario.  Two of my pieces are hanging there.

Birds-of-paradise: encountered on the street, in passing - Tetrapod Zoology.

Flame Nebula - Lucyjain's Blog.

Pick of the Scumble:  Muddy Colors' tribute to the passing of sf and fantasy (and so much more check out the anatomy paintings) artist-illustrator Jeffrey Catherine Jones.

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Original artwork on The Flying Trilobite Copyright to Glendon Mellow


Jeffrey Hayes said...

Thanks for the mention - you are really too kind!

Glendon Mellow said...

Excellent post Jeff! I've worked with oil a long time, but I learned some new things: the size of your basic palette is interesting.

Sharon said...

Well, I'm a bit slow here, but thank you!!

Glendon Mellow said...

Cool stuff, Sharon!

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