Saturday 23 April 2011

Trilobite Boy Daily Sketch #2 - Waking

Trilobite Boy - Waking.
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The second daily sketch that's part of my new regimen. I'm giving myself a 30 minute time limit for each sketch in the Trilobite Boy story in an attempt to loosen up and in some cases, sharpen my style. And quite frankly, to crank this story out. As a new dad with other items on the go, it's been pushed back far enough.

What do you think?

First Trilobite Boy Daily Sketch is here.

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Original artwork on The Flying Trilobite Copyright to Glendon Mellow


Marco Meredith said...

i like it, nice short yet slightly poetic text, and the style aswell is very nice, it feels deep and layered, gives the eye something with more than just face value.

i like the dream about icthyosaurs, im guessing for a 'trilobite boy' that would be something of a nightmare right?

Glendon Mellow said...

Thanks Marco! I left the rough sketch layer visible in this one, and not in the skateboarding one yesterday. I have a hard time saying what I like better.

Part of this exercise for me is to improve my speed and quality of work at the same time. These are nowhere near as polished as my usual stuff, but I'm hoping these 30 minute narrative sessions will help my art in the long-term.

Icthyosaurs as nightmares - quite possibly. Trilobites died out a long time before icthyosaurs were on the scene, but a big-eyed grinning predator like that would give him chills.

This is the first time I'm hinting at something happening when he sleeps enrolled.

Anonymous said...

Love how you're including the enrolled part of trilobite boy, of course not all trilobites could enroll so it gives a little more away about him. Brill!

lizziewriter said...

I love this one, but you knew that!

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