Thursday 26 August 2010

2 new scientific illustrator blogs

There's a couple of great new blogs that debuted this summer by established scientific illustrators Kalliopi Monoyios and Emily Damstra.

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An Eye for Science: images make science better by Kalliopi Monoyios, who contributed scientific illustrations to both Jerry Coyne's Why Evolution is True and Neil Shubin's Your Inner Fish.  She is providing an artist's perspective on how important images are to science and the power they wield.

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News From the Studio by Emily S. Damstra features news and images by one of Canada's best talents.  Check out this fish!  As Emily notes, she has likely created the first ever image of this newly discovered fish species from Indonesia - how cool is that?  Scientific illustration combines the thrill of new discoveries with the glow of creating an image that educates.  And check that image out - that's watercolour and gouache paint!

If you're in southern Ontario, Emily has a show on in Waterloo, details below. 

Emily is also the founder and president of the Southern Ontario Nature & Science Illustrators (
SONSI), which I am currently the webmaster for. We have good times, feel free to check out the illustrator interviews there!

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In the past, a lot of illustrators have been reluctant to blog or even start a website, until the market essentially demanded website galleries.  I hope we'll see more of my fellow science illustrators, artists and image-makers jump into blogging and the flow of comments and connections. It's so vital to my work process, I almost don't understand the reluctance.

Keep an eye on Monoyios and Damstra.

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