Wednesday 16 June 2010

Flying Trilobite Print Sale!

From now until June 22nd, The Flying Trilobite Print Shop is having a "10% off almost everything sale"!

Great time to pick up a laminated print of The Last Refuge. Lots of other print formats available, and my artwork looks perfect with RedBubble's print quality.

There's also a new hoodie available, featuring The Flying Trilobite logo in shades of green! Baffle your paleontologist friends. Hoodie available in heaps of colours, and as a t-shirt.

Why not plan ahead, and pick up some Darwin Took Steps cards for next year's Darwin Day? A portion of the money goes in support of The Beagle Project! Also available as a swanky framed print. People will look at it on your wall and think, "Wow. That person's smart. I'm glad I'm friends with them. And Darwin has a staircase on his head."
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Original artwork on
The Flying Trilobite Copyright to Glendon Mellow
Creative Commons Licence.

Flying Trilobite Gallery *** Flying Trilobite Reproduction Shop ***
Details about sale ending date here.

Promotional images by RedBubble who rock.

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