Monday 4 January 2010

Art Monday: here's an ugly fellow

A detail from my in-progress Asthma Incubus II, painted entirely digitally using ArtRage 2.5 and my Intuos 3 tablet.

Hmm. I need to fix the eyelashes a bit. I like them long and pretty on this ugly face though.

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traumador said...

its good to see nexus from fern gulley still getting work...

your little fellow doesn't actually look that much like the 80's big bad, but he sure gives me the same dread. fern gulley had by far the most scary villian of any i saw as a kid.

same reasons are all present in your little guy here. he is nebelous in his manifestation (it's almost as though it has taken on a percievable form just to taught us, its victim), deadly in its composition (the death vapour factor), and worst of all really pleased about what it is doing (the big grin).

good (or should i say bad) stuff!

Glendon Mellow said...

I love Ferngully! Tim Curry makes a great cartoon villain.

Thanks Craig. I'm aiming for old and unformed at the same time. There will be more little head, seed pod things as this progresses.

In truth, I was having moments of severe doubt yesterday about my new Art Evolved piece using ArtRage, and looking at the details so far in this image restored some of that confidence. I can get the detail I want in this program if I power through the Ugly Phase.

Posting it here helps.

Glendon Mellow said...

Thanks! (From your name & link I assumed you were a spammer and was about to delete your comment.) Thanks for the compliments, Mr. Steroids.

Any that stand out for you specifically?

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