Sunday 8 November 2009

Tripping over art while wandering online

Some things that caught my eye despite the busy-ness and the drawing and the screaming and crying and mm-hey.

-The Sauropod Gallery over at Art Evolved launched last week, and as expected those cuddly lumbering giants brought out the best in some of today's hottest young paleo-artists. The diversity of animals in this group of dinosaurs is matched by the many many styles.

-Macabre artist Chris Zenga of The Day After has reached his 100th post and launched a new series of artwork based on the Day of the Dead festival. This stuff is pretty amazing, and lies somewhere between tattoo linework and cartoon art.

-Artist extraordinaire Leslie Hawes decided a while back to do one drawing every day for a month. Well, she's just finished month two! Holy monkey. Beautiful little moments of life.

-Nature artist Heather Ward has added a new calendar of her jaw-dropping renderings from the animal kingdom. My favourite is whenever she draws an ape, and the massive coral reef is not to be missed!

-Renaissance Oaf and his new series examining art and its failings, as well as his own direction. Toward Pretensionism is essential reading.

-One of my favourite slideshows about the internet. Most marketers don't seem to understand any of this. Shown at A Blog Around the Clock.

-An artist stands up for his principles. The story of Bill Viola turning down the Pope at ArtInfo.

-My fellow Torontonians will love the sketches by recent artist-transplant Morena P at I pocci della Morry.

-I discovered this blogger after they discovered me following the Blog of Note excitement over the past couple of weeks. Check out
Idegenszövet blog (it's in Hungarian) for all sorts of amazing science-art.

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