Monday 21 September 2009

Fanboy Monday: superhero anatomy

When I originally posted this, I was squirrelly about infringing on copyrights, and so I called it a "Made-Up Hominid". I've tried to learn a lot about copyrights, both here in Canada and in the U.S. and a fan homage is another thing entirely. I own some moral rights to the art, but I may not profit from it since the character belongs to one of the comic companies. So. Time to "out" this drawing as the fanboy piece of art that it is. Should be easy enough. After the guess, I'll list the diagram notations that are absent in this picture (you can see the indicating lines) in the comments.

This art was done like, a gazillion years ago. Next week will feature some more new content.

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Roger said...

Is it the Hulk? Also derivative works that are significantly different from the original are not violating copyright, I believe. But such a difference is notoriously difficult to quantify in the case of art work.

Glendon Mellow said...

Dingdingding! It is indeed the Hulk Roger!

Later tonight I'll post here in the comments all of the labelling that was cropped out. You can see the three claw marks on the skull from a certain feisty Canucklehead.

It can be difficult to discern how far removed a derivative needs to be for it to be considered "unique", for sure. With this, I liked the drawing, but I wanted to present it again in its original context since I think it makes it more interesting.

I've been thinking about Creative Commons and copyright for a long while now, and having numerous discussions both on and offline. I'm hoping to have time for an extensive post and discussion on the subject over at Art Evolved soon.

Peter Bond said...

I knew it was the Hulk! Roger beat me to the super-powered punch! Nice work, Glendon. When did you draw him?

As for ART Evolved, I cannot say how useful and necessary a post on copyright and Creative Commons would be. If you've got the time, please do it! Everyone has questions, such as where is the line between derivative and satirical work?...

Glendon Mellow said...

Hi Peter! I drew this picture probably about 7 years ago.

I've started the post about copyright and Creative Commons, and will transfer it to Art Evolved soon...time is tight with my course and work, but I think it's coming together.

Christopher Zenga said...

Mellow Smash!

Glendon Mellow said...

Some notation from around the skull:
-Three scars unhealed grazing left ocular cavity; unusually, no traces of foreign molecules present.
-Note complete absence of tooth decay or erosion.
-grossly enlarged frontal fontanelle, similarity to Zinjanthropus found in 1959.

Some notation from around the muscular diagram:
-jaw may lock while lower mandible is at any degree of extension
-elasticity of muscle tissues allows striations and contractions on 4-axis per muscle. Eyes and mouth can close using enormous, continuous pressure.
-Note muscles allowing subject to shut nostrils: unheard of in primates. This trait is normally found in desert-dwelling ungulates.

...And it goes on, in true comic-book pseudo-scientific fashion from there.

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