Tuesday 16 June 2009

Art Monday: TriloBot, transform!

A glimpse of my Transformers fan concept: TriloBot.

It's an Autobot.

A ways to go yet, I may try to paint this one completely digitall
y...possibly alter the pose to look more like swimming. TriloBot is holding some coral in his hand. He was an analogue to a marine biologist back on Cybertron, and now spends his time on Earth helping guard the oceans from the depredations of the Decepticons and overfishing.

Perhaps I'll work up an old "techspec" too when I finish the piece.

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Original artwork on The Flying Trilobite Copyright to Glendon Mellow under Creative Commons Licence.
Transformers licence belongs to Hasbro Inc. though; this is purely meant a s a fan fun exercise.

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Jason R said...

See also: Ironshell

Ash said...

That transformer is full of win Glendon.

Glendon Mellow said...

Ironshell is pretty awesome, Jason! You can see more of the artwork by the artist who goes by Autobot Windracer here on DeviantArt.

Thanks Ash! *beaming*

m said...

Nice :D

Dicing with Dragons said...

Nice! And I love the way you incorporated the cephalon into the chest of the figure (something the abovementioned Ironshell could benefit from, IMHO).

Heh. I wish I could show off the Microman/Micronaut-inspired trilobite chestplate and figure capsule designs I made a couple of years back, but the server I host my images and sketches on is down hard at the moment. (Damn the inconvenient timing!)

Glendon Mellow said...

Thanks Mo!

Thanks ScottE! And no worries. I'm going to change the pose and colour this ol'boy. I'll email you when I'm ready and link to your Micronaut-ish guys when you're ready!

traumador said...

thanks alot glendon... now i want to see the new movie even more... and it doesn't come out till next week!!!

just wish they'd get over the "unbelievability" of the dinobots for the films... giant robots that can destory a whole army one on one but have to turn into cars to hide... not much more believable (but fun... got to love the formers!).

so we should rally for the prehistoric bots as the premise of film 3... dino and trilo...

of course all this ranting is too say trilobot is THE awesome! i also liked Ironshell...

i'd fire up a bot modelled after me, but it'd just be a dward grimlock... who is the robot man!!!

Anonymous said...

Haha!! Nice!! Getting ready for the new Transformers film, are we? Haha! I would love to see it. I liked the first one a lot.

BTW- Love the New Banner!! I see you've used the one with the crinoids growing out of the slab and the injured winged trilobite making the final trek in it's life. Perhaps, a predator like an Anomalocaris took advantage of that helpless Arthropod.

Anywho, Love the that Paleo Autobot!

-R. Lewis

Christopher Zenga said...

Roll out!

Glendon Mellow said...

Traumador - you gotta kick it old school man! Get some cardboard boxes, spray paint them silver, use a black marker and make your own robot in disguise disguise!
- -
Thanks for the compliments, Raptor! I remember when Transformers first came out, and the movies are just a fun blockbuster size treat.
- -
Zenga - All hail Megatron!

Weapon of Mass Imagination said...

You know, I almost see him more as Decipticon...

The reason being the Transformers tended to have organic biasises when you think about it. All the major Arthropods were Decipticons (or Predacons if you were into Beast Wars ;p)...

Not that I mind shaking up of this paradigm.

Afterall both sides had big cats and Dinosaurs in both regular and beast wars continuity. Why not spread the organic diversity fun!

I will now conclude this train of thought before I brand myself head to toe as a dork :P

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