Monday 25 May 2009

Art Monday: Trilobite Nest

A detail from a drawing I spent some time on while at Lake Simcoe a few years ago. The whole piece is called Trilobite Eggs For Cooking. In it, a young woman is being harried by a couple of flying trilobites after harvesting eggs. I just kind of liked the nest, drawn without reference despite me being surrounded by nature.

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traumador said...

that is so cool and cute!

i love the scientific quality of both drawings, but merging them gives your trilobite this cheeky trickster feel in its "biology". he is all like "i lay eggs in a tree, but no one will know".

very cool. is it going to recieve colour? if so is this trilobite going to be aborally cameoed?

Glendon Mellow said...

Hey thanks Traumador!

I like messing with expectations with these animals. Could have been a fish laying bird eggs, but a trilobite is more fun.

So far no plans for colour. Camo would be interesting though.

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