Wednesday 22 April 2009

Artsy Links

A few artsy links for an overcast Wednesday. Some of these are new to my Blog Lists in my sidebar.

-Liese Martin at Deadpan Alley is giving away a free original piece of art, and the fun part is, for bonus points you can make up a nursery rhyme in the comments. I did! And now I'm expected to play Scrabble in Colorado or something.

-If talking it out is your thing, Chad Orzel has raised some interesting points about 'The Art and Science of Naming Things' over at Uncertain Principles. Is the desire to name and label in science so different than in art?

-The Day After sees new madness springing from artist Chris Zenga's mind. This is one seriously sinister-cute giraffe.

-I've added a PayPal donation button in my sidebar: but if you really want to keep my explorations of art in awe of science going, why not buy a print, shirt or pitch a commission? I'd love to make a living doing art, so the button is there as an expression of that hope.

-Miss Holly Hoolahoop has had a thing lately for monster cupcakes and robots. Yeah, no seriously, just go look at it. I like the donut.

-At Hammered Out Bits, viking-blacksmith Darrell Markewitz checks out the damage that freeze-and-thaw cycles did to his traditional Icelandic forge this past winter here in Ontario.

-Faerie illustrator Ash unveiled her Will O'Wisp -that was completed with an injured hand. Gah.

-Jesse Graham is freaking me out again.

-May 1st will see the unveiling of the new Permian Synapsid Gallery over at Art Evolved! (flashing lights, sirens, streets closed off) I can't believe it's been almost two months since this new blogchild was born. What's a Permian synapsid? Just read this. And this. The Art Evolved crew are a pretty diverse group of artists, so it will be fun to see. And I'll have one in there, so, hey. Perhaps I'll have to do one "straight" this time without my usual Symbolist-Surrealist tweakings.

Well, I hope these links made your eyes happy today.

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Jesse Graham said...

Hey Glendon!

Just wanted to thank you for linking me in this post. Makes me feel good and happy to know I can keep you surprised, or "freaked" out. lol

Thanks man!

Glendon Mellow said...

I'm mostly freaked out by how good an artist you are, Jesse. That sloth is so different from your other stuff, but really amazing. I like the bear-mask person eating fish.

Zachary Miller said...

Can't wait to see your piece, Glendon. I still have to color mine...

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