Monday 10 November 2008

Artwork Mondays: Grandmother's favourite

This drawing was always my grandmother's favourite piece of my artwork. I drew this back in the early days of university after I had largely stopped drawing vampires and faeries, and as my interest in science had started coming back to the fore. I called it "Beetleman", though I'm not really sure why.

My grandmother loved this one, and I gave her a reproduction of it. I miss my grandparents, and I'll always appreciate how they encouraged me in my artwork. My grandmother would challenge me about what I was trying to do, and pester me with questions, until she'd laugh at my answer once it was clear. My grandfather would not have much commentary about the subjects, instead asking about the media used, and supplying us with astonishing amounts of paper when my sisters and I were small.

Good times.

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Anonymous said...

A little frightening, but beautiful, like a gnarled tree. A friendly tree. I've just discovered your blog, and I've been browsing your gallery. Wonderful protrait of Dawkins.

Anyway, I've decided to tag you. You're it. If you want to play the "6 things about me" game here's my link.

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Glendon Mellow said...

Thanks, D.R.! I appreciate the comment about the Dawkins portrait. I've begun sketching a newer version. The ultimate idea id to make a diptych with Dawkins and Sagan.

A meme eh? I'm behind. I owe Zach and Bond each one...I'll have to whip up a post. After exploring the Darwin Report.


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