Friday 30 May 2008

The Boneyard XXI Carnival, coming June 7th!

The Flying Trilobite will be playing host to The Boneyard Carnival on Saturday, June 7th!

I'm asking people to submit articles about fossils, palaeontology, and I'm also really hoping we could get a slew of palaeontology-related artwork submitted and featured! I won't limit it to that, so please submit articles about the science that inspires the art as well.

For myself, I'm planning to finish the Precambrian rabbit/trilobite puzzle I started on the Artwork Mondays, and I'll unveil it at the Carnival.

Although I'm thinking of some usual suspects when I say that, I'd love to see some art from some unusual suspects too! Never drawn or painted before? No problem! Let's have some fun! Submit that favourite childhood drawing of something related to the distant past: everyone's got a dinosaur drawing their parental unit hung onto, don't they? Don't be shy! I'm not here to judge, just have a good time.

In case you are unfamiliar with blog carnivals, they usually feature a theme (in this case all things paleo), and move around like a travelling carnival with each edition appearing on a different blog (in this case hosted by a guy who didn't draw trilobites correctly). Your job is to email me about a favourite article, or paleo-related artwork that you have featured on your own blog (to demonstrate your awesomeness), or that you have seen elsewhere online. The day the carnival goes up, you get to go to the host's blog and revel in the collection of brilliance.

The Boneyard XXI! Professional, amateur, or proud parent, let's see some paleo art in the blogosphere!

Email me, Glendon Mellow, at: theflyingtrilobite{at}gmail{dot}com

Thanks to Brian at Laelaps for allowing me to play carnival barker!
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traumador said...


Too bad I don't have long enough arms to draw :(

Though my talent agent Peter Bond was nice enough to do some art for the post I'm working on today (should be up in a hour or so!). Does that count?

Zach said...

I plan on doing a big blog post about the skulls of Askeptosaurus, a sawtooth thalattosaur, Pelagosaurus, a marine crocodile, and a long-snouted mosasaur. I'm doing my own skull reconstructions and, potentially, life restorations. I certainly have some time. I look forward to it, and I'm glad you're encouraging people to do some art!

traumador said...

Speaking of art I just met a guy on flickr who does the most amazing Trilobite sculptures!!!

Check out

I already plugged your site to him, but check it out and make your presence known

Glendon Mellow said...

Hello Traumador! Peter Bond's art always counts! Nice. Also, yeah, Bug Factory is already in my sidebar, has been for about a year. Fantastic stuff.

I checked askeptosaurus just to see if you were kidding. I was picturing a skeptical reptile.

I look forward to it!

Peter Bond said...

Looking forward to Boneyard - Fly Tri Style! Can't wait to see the rabbit!

Heather Ward said...

Sounds cool! I'd love to do a dino drawing but I don't think I'll be able to finish it by Saturday...

Glendon Mellow said...

I agree Heather, perhaps not enough time for one of your creations.

I think you can submit one for inclusion to the Boneyard at any time, not just if the theme is art like I'm trying to do.

Brian Switek a Laelaps will announce where the next one will be on his blog some time. They're ahout every two weeks.

Anonymous said...

Rrrrrrrrrrrrright! It's off to the local Jurassic bonebeds I go.

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