Monday 2 July 2007

Ugly Phase

Most of my paintings go through the Ugly Phase. I have to dive right in and push that oil paint until I start to become satisfied with it. Right now I can't bear to look at it without correcting every little thing.

When I can't stop looking at it without finding more to do, that's when I start to enjoy the process of painting. The end result of a piece thrills me when I feel it has come out well. The process of getting there is more a wracking exercise in frustration.

At this point, I feel Lim Leng Hiong of Fresh Brainz is right; Professor Dawkins looks somewhat stern in my rendition. I think I'll go with it. Combatting irrational creationists is a stern business.


The Key Question said...

I'm reading "The God Delusion" right now. It's funny how I can kinda hear his voice and see his face while reading.

Some parts of the book I can almost see him looking sternly like that.

Go Glendon!

Glendon Mellow said...

He does have a great voice, doesn't he. Mild and clearly enunciated.

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