Wednesday 1 January 2014

2013: My Year of Creative Ropes

Quick iPad sketch summing up about how I felt about my creative process in 2013. 


traumador said...

Was noting the other day how we've barely heard from you on your work this year.

Good luck figuring out how to get some slack into those lines my friend

Glendon Mellow said...

Thank you Craig!

It's funny, 2013 is the lowest year for posts (54) in The Flying Trilobite's history, yet it has been one of my busiest blogging years ever between here, Symbiartic (~54) and INVIVO (wrote and edited ~24).

But that's blogging. I didn't finish as much art as I was hoping (there are some completed ones I am not able to show off just yet). Still finding a new balance for the full time job I started a year ago, being a dad (soon x2) and a blogger. A lot of my artwork this past year was made of remixing old art through app filters, or colour-painting old pencil drawings. I'll try to post them altogether soon.

This year I do hope to do things differently art-wise while still maintaining all of my commitments. Artistically I feel deeply unsatisfied.

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