Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Trilobite Boy iPhone sketch

Trilobite Boy reading a tablet. He has better tech than I do. Sketch done on my iPhone using ArtRage.


traumador said...

One's fictional creations are always supposed to be better equipped and stocked than us. It's the mark of success when they're doing product placements... So long as you're getting paid to do it (for example Traumador never had cooler toys than me. Rather the exact same things as those I owned funny enough).

Otherwise what is TB doing with an iPad? Has Trilobite Boy sold out (in an ironic fashion) and turned his back on skating to become a pop culture hipster zombie? I'm not sure I like this twist in his character, unless it is a tie in with Apple that will see you get stinking rich :P

Glendon Mellow said...

He won the iPad in a skateboarding competition.

He doesn't wear a helmet due to his armoured head, and his compound eyes give him a greater field of vision and spatial awareness so he smoked the other skaters.

Judging from the amount of blue-glow coming off the iPad, he must be on a Twitter Fail-Whale.

brochure printing said...

Great painting and he won the ipad in a skateboarding competition. It is the way of success when they are doing and produced a product placement and you are getting paid to do it. Thanks for sharing!

Marco Meredith said...

nice painting Glendon, I like the colours. back ground almost looks like it was done in oil. ive still not gotten round to trying out painting on a tablet yet.


Glendon Mellow said...

Thanks Marco. The oils in ArtRage Mobile are great. I still have a lot of trouble drawing with my finger. I need to invest in a stylus some time...and an iPad! :-)

Marco Meredith said...


Glendon Mellow said...

I wish, Marco I wish! I got to try one at my friend Eric Orchard's studio one time. It haunts my dreams.

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