Monday 3 December 2007

The Flying Trilobite Business Card

The winner!

Thank you so much to all those who helped this one along. In
my previous post, I asked and received tons of help deciding between two new business cards.

The image on the winner is Photoshop adapted from an ink drawing I have done. The image is meant to be for a (non-winged) tattoo I will likely get in the spring when this blog is one year old.

9 people preferred the first card, 2 the second. I myself preferred the second choice as well. As Lim Leng Hiong of Fresh Brainz called it, it has "extreme quirkiness". I will likely still use this image somewhere, and tweak it some more. Chadmac pointed out that its centre of mass is misplaced, so I'll need to fix that.

But I am very happy with card #1, and it does have my core image. As Leslie Hawes and Rudi pointed out, it needs to be a card that shows off the art. The wings are popular for this artistic ancient aquatic arthropod, as Dale McGowan, Lauren, Traumador the Tyrannosaur, Gastrolith, and Luna_the_Cat and Shelley Batts all agree.

For the final version depicted above, I tweaked a couple of things based on some reader's suggestions. Lauren suggested I shrink the trilobite image slightly, and I think that works well. As Leslie had pointed out, I could also have blown the image up to make it more abstracted. I think shrinking it works a little better, as some people have no idea what a trilobite is, let alone a Mythical Flying Trilobite Fossil. Lim Leng Hiong thought it might work better to have more contact between the trilobite and its wings, so I added some crumbly bits to make a better connection between the disparate parts.

I'd like to thank everyone who gave me an opinion, both online and offline, especially my wife, Michelle who watched me seesaw back and forth. Shelley of Retrospectacle also pointed out a business card service that she highly recommends, Moo, so I will probably look into that. This whole process really helped me out. I started this blog to promote my artwork, and also to get feedback on my work. Sometimes an artist is throwing so much into the process, it is easy to become myopic about how well the final image works.

My gratitude to each of you.

(Edit: whoops! Earlier today, the card I uploaded had an older version of the text layout on the card. All fixey-fixey now. No more blogging without the morning coffee. )


traumador said...

Looks good!

Now I just need to find some Trilobites to pour these buckets of fresh water over for my own extinct arthopod army!

Glendon Mellow said...

Yeah, keep looking Traumador! Trilobites are all over the place, but they are crafty! Like to hide under garden gnomes!

(Wow, this is almost like manipulating a puppet.)

Leslie Hawes said...

I believe that your choice exhibits enough "extreme quirkiness' by virtue of the subject matter :)
It looks good, and I know it will serve you well!
Thanks for all the links!

Glendon Mellow said...

Thanks Leslie. Too close to the image, I lost sight of the quirkiness for a while.

Links are healthy. Make blogs survive in the harsh winter wilderness.

Shelley said...

You know, you could put that card at the end of your email signatures. You already have an email for your blog, might as well have a nice little digital art card too. :)

Glendon Mellow said...

Good idea Shelley. I think I will do that.

Gotta whip up a few of them tomorrow unprofessionally on my printer at home; there's a meeting at the Centre for Inquiry for the Toronto Transhumanist Society. Should be interesting, I've never gone before.

Might hand out a card or two.

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