Sunday, 30 March 2008

Science-Artsy Additions to my Blogroll

Today I thought I would share some of the newer additions to my blogroll. There are a lot of talented scientific illustrators and realistic fantastic artists out there, and here's a sampling of a few who've made this Flying Trilobite's list in the last few months.

(After all, I can't always plug Leslie Hawes, Bond, Jesse Graham, Carl Buell, Jacqueline Rae and Nancy, can I? Oops.)

1. Druantia Art - An interesting discussion thread ensued on the Guild of Natural Scientific Illustrator's listserv a few months back about whether a blog or traditional galleried website is the more effective. And one of the delightful results is that supremely talented scientific illustrator Heather Ward began Druantia Art, a blog of her works in progress and tips for artists. The tips are brilliant, and Heather has even held polls about what animal to illustrate next! Marvel at her snow leopard, and at her musings about why there is a point to doing photographic realism in art.

2. Trilobite Blog - This is a blog I have mentioned before. This talented artist sells a line of Cambrian and prehistoric creature designs on clothing. His paleontology-based blog is an excellent read, and make sure you don't miss his interview with Sam Gon III of the excellent resource, Guide to the Order of Trilobites. You can shop for trilobite hoodies here and start your own finger-snapping gang against the anomalocarids!

3. Rigor Vitae - The artwork of Carel Brest Van Kempen, illustrator of the banner for the popular A Blog Around the Clock. This blog has some excellent insights in what it is like to create realistic art from nature. And frogs. Many awesome frogs.

4. PixelFish - and 5. Bluefooted - I came across these two talented and atheist artists on a thread over at Pharyngula where some people were dissing DeviantArt. PixelFish, who also goes by Lis Mitchell, has a tremendous gallery and well-crafted site. I'm particularly fond of See No Evil. Bluefooted has an amazing and intricate story-book style, reminscent of Dulac. Check out the beautiful and hideous Cat-Skin. Who needs more evidence that imagination is not divinely inspired?

6. Barry Kent MacKay - Lush, gorgeous artwork for your inner ornithologist. Some of my fellow Canuckleheads may remember MacKay from a children's show he hosted back in the day.

7. Gurney Journey - The blog of Dinotopia creator and master artist James Gurney. This blog is filled with tips and insights and shows you a week-to-week peek at what a celebrity-level artist is up to.

8. Basic Instructions - A very trendy sort of style at the moment, tracing photos to make a cartoon. But none of the others are half as funny as these instructions for living your life.

Anything in my blogroll is a place I try check out as often as I can. These are just a few of the other artists I admire. I'm also adding new pieces often, so please don't forget to check out my own gallery on DeviantArt!

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Heather Ward said...

Thanks Glendon! And you even called me a "scientific illustrator..."

Anonymous said...

You can't? Awww shucks.

Isn't James Gurney's site enviable?

Glendon Mellow said...

Heather - I love your site! And I certainly think of you as a scientific illustrator.

Leslie - I can't be greedy, of course other people need to see your artwork and read your site.

And Gurney's site is pretty amazing. Enviable is the right word.

Peter Bond said...

You know, you could actually plug us on every one of your posts! Come on...!


Well, thank you kindly for this time!

Gurney's site is great and I laughed hard reading Basic Instructions...

Glendon Mellow said...

I could try, I could try. Seems to be a popular option!

Basic Instructions is that middle-of-the-afternoon pick-up to get you through the workday.

Thanks, Bond.

traumador said...

I don't know if they count as science illustrators but Prehistoric Insanity just kicked off a behind the scenes of all the cool pics they make for my blog...

You science artsy people should start a webring that will eventually constrict the whole innerweb MAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... sorry was watching saturday morning cartoons with super villans this morning got me a little over excited...

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